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    Gather round ye huddled and poor masses yearning to breath fumes: I bring to you, straight from the bowels of hell, and I mean real hell, not the south side of Delaware, Caveman, played by the multi-talented Jamie Bernstein, who's portrayal is much superior to that of Captain Caveman in almost every way...

    Jamie Bernstein


    Preacher Forums: Hi Jamie, loved seeing you as Caveman from Hell. Great job so far, would you like to chat?

    Jamie Bernstein: I would love to.

    PF: Superb! I guess I'll start by asking how you got the role. Was it a casting call, or did someone approach you about Caveman?

    JB: I read for a few roles for the show. I read for the guy in the strip club who says the whole town blew up and I read for the guy who became a prostitute in the Katrina Homelessness infomercial. Didn't get either of those but I guess someone liked me, because I was called in to read for Caveman. The sides were made up. And I was only allowed to grunt or say I'm caveman.

    PF: Sounds like trying to deal with Time Warner Cable.

    JB: But I really felt the character. I like getting into the primitive side of the psyche.

    PF: I imagine it was fun getting to know your primal self. Were you given a background for your character? Such as his reason for being in hell?

    JB: I was not. In fact the first day on the set I spoke to the producer about it a bit. He was curious as to why a Caveman would be in hell. It was like no one knew. So, I developed a story. And it sort of became the official word. Even props made me a hell rap sheet in pictographs. Everyone else in hell had a digital rap sheet.

    PF: Oh, now that's interesting. Would you be able to share his backstory?

    JB: My story is this: Caveman is one of the many early inventors and experimenters with fire. He learned how to make fire and brought the knowledge to his village of people. He is kind of a primitive Prometheus.
    Because it was summer time no one seemed really interested. And this was frustrating for Caveman because he thought fire was the shit. So he started a huge fire to show everyone how cool fire could be. In the summer his people came Down out of the caves and lived in grass huts in the valley. So, it wasn't long until the whole village was engulfed in flame. His family, in fact nearly the entire race of homo-Heidelbergensis was killed.

    PF: Oh no!! Poor Heidelbergensis! Very creative! So basically, in Caveman's case, the road to hell was paved with good intentions?

    JB: And Pride.

    PF: Did Caveman himself perish in the flames?

    JB: No but he was badly burned and died of an ensuing infection. Quite painful.

    PF: Poor guy! I think its great you came up with that backstory. Are the pictographs available anywhere, or are they something we may see in the future?

    JB: Man I wish I would have taAken a picture or something.

    PF: And does Caveman have a first name?

    JB: My make up artist calls him Nick.

    PF: Speaking of which, is there anything you can tell us about Caveman's future episodes?

    JB: Let's just say he gets some good face time on TV and his saga with fire is not yet complete.

    PF: Uh oh. Now that is interesting. Any funny stories or mistakes or outtakes that happened during filming?

    JB: Craft services has an espresso robot and you can get a gourmet style espresso when ever you want it. The residents of hell like to be charged. I think they had to refill the thing a few times every time we shot. Justin Prentice (Tyler) is a funny dude to hang with too. His lines and stuff were fun for goofing during downtime. Samurai is a muscle man. He eats more than any person I have ever known.
    Sam Medina is Samurai.

    PF: Is it Sam Medina that eats so much, or Samurai Guy?

    JB: Sam. Lol. Samurai guy is a perve.

    PF: Do you have any upcoming roles that you can tell us about?

    JB: No. just playing with my band and writing songs. There may be something coming up though.

    PF: Oh, what can you tell me about your band?

    JB: I've got solo material out and play with The Hill Country Hounds. We are on Facebook, Cdbaby, iTunes.

    PF: Thanks for your time, Jamie. Can't wait to see more of Caveman!

    JB: Thanks for reaching out.

    And now, to all you lost hungry souls out there, you Preachers and Preacherettes, congregationalists, misfits, and citizens of time, making your way through this bizarre macabre cobweb we call life, this is dedicated to you....

    WhoonDang, by Jamie Bernstein, aka Nick the Caveman
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    I loved this interview, and the fact that he came up with his own backstory. See what we would miss if we only focused on the main actors?! I hope he finds even more great success.
    Less important side note: he has green eyes like me! :love: swoooooon.

    What a coincidence that you posted this interview, because earlier I retweeted a couple of photos of him as the caveman on set. This is him and his stunt double, but I'd be lying if I said I knew which is which. :eek:

    Plonkers and gobshites as far as far as the eye can see.


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      Originally posted by Jenesis View Post
      Less important side note: he has green eyes like me! :love: swoooooon.

      Now if that doesn't convince Jamie to join the forum, nothin will.


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        Originally posted by Ralph View Post

        Now if that doesn't convince Jamie to join the forum, nothin will.
        Or majorly creep him out, whichev.
        Plonkers and gobshites as far as far as the eye can see.


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          thats great man, I was actually wondering the second time I watched it why a caveman would be there they didn't know any better. Now i know. And awesome song man.


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            Lets just say, it was very hard to act serious when your looking at a caveman. Jaime was hilarious